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The Future of Sports Betting

Introducing the world's first crypto sports betting exchange. SportX is built for winners who seek total betting freedom.

Peer to peer

Set Your Own Odds

SportX is a betting exchange where users bet against each other. There is no “house” stacking the odds against you.

User Owned

Earn Tokens

Imagine if Bet365 paid you in Bet365 tokens every time you made a bet. That’s what we do.


Crypto, Simplified

All bets done in a cryptocurrency US Dollar called DAI. 1 DAI = 1 USD.


Easy to Get Started

Buy crypto directly on SportX with Interac e-transfer or wire.


Winners Welcome

No limits. No restrictions. Winning bettors are never punished for their success.


Control Your Funds

You will never be asked to deposit money on SportX. Funds are stored in your digital wallet until the moment a bet is placed.